African Male Pornstar Reveals to a Nigerian Lady The 3 Steps He Uses to Last for 2 Hours In Bed without Cumming 

 Most relationship experts out there claim that women do not like sex,


That is a fat LIE

All Women Enjoy Sex. 

They love having sex


Plenty of it


The only thing they hate doing is having BORING sex


women hate sex that only lasts for 40 seconds

...and ends up leaving them sexually frustrated.

You see, I used to have a very frustrating sexual life because most men I met couldn't last more than 40 seconds  in the first round 

my frustration led me to cheat on the people I was supposed to be commited to.  

By the way, my name is Oluchi 

This is my picture below

I am that lady who was Widely publicised to have slept with over 2,000 men 

See, you can call me a whore, a slut, a bitch, a prostitute, a runs girl or whatever,


the truth is this...

 If You are Unable To Last More Than 30 minutes in the First Round, Then Your Woman IS Most Likely Cheating on you

 Having sex with a man who doesn’t last long in bed can be very tiring.   

If you struggle with getting your dick up

If you cum in less 20 minutes

If you do not last for more than 40 seconds

If your dick gets hard, and falls while you are still fucking  ,

Then, there is a problem and women will find sex with you very tiring.

They will avoid having sex with you.

They will get distant from you.

They won’t tell you it is because of your dick game, but you will notice how they change towards you,  

In the end, they will end up replacing you with someone else.

they will CHEAT on you with ANOTHER MAN  whom they find better than you.  

Asides from all this happening to you, You will also become tired of yourself

... the thought of having sex will fill you with anxiety.

You will avoid sex because you are afraid of disappointing your woman again.


Men are supposed to be providers, 

If you cannot provide a woman with sexual satisfaction, are you worthy to be called a man?  

If this sounds like your life, I know exactly how you feel 

 I recently met the most amazing man in the world.

He loves me a lot, and he was always ready to go out of his way to make me happy.

The only problem he had was he didn’t last long.


My boyfriend was a very sucessful man outside the bedroom

He was hard working,

He was smart

....people outside respected him


when it came to sex

...he was not sucessful at it

Our sex time was not pleasurable

.....don't get me wrong

I was always horny....

I always wanted him to fuck him


....Whenever sex time came, his dick couldn't stay hard long enough

Do you know how frusrating that is?

He would be pounding me and all of a sudden his dick would get soft

then we would lay in bed quiet...

.....waiting and praying that it gets hard again

Some times, he would try to force his half soft dick into my vagina

....and I would end up in pain

Other times, he would only thrust for 40 seconds before cumming


...... every single time after sex, he would try to explain

he would blame it on alcohol,

he would blame it on stress

he would blame it on stupid irrelevant things

....But I knew he had a problem

and he did not want to admit it to me 

He did not want to appear as LESS OF A MAN


Normally, I would have left him, or cheated on him.


..But, I knew I wasn’t getting any younger..

I couldn’t keep jumping from one relationship to another relationship.

So, I set out to find a solution for him

 The first thing we tried was.....

the penis pump.


Sounds weird right? LOL

Do you know what that is? 

They claim it helps with penis size

they also say it works for premature ejaculation

We got one online for #10,000 and after two weeks, there was no result.

Instead, the pumps caused him to have injuries and wounds around his dick.

 We moved on to trying oils...

I saw a very popular one online and bought it..

The first night we used it, sex was tasteless.

I couldn’t feel anything in my vagina.

You see, these oils work by making your penis numb

when you apply it on your penis, and start fucking...

the oil rubs off on the vagina, and also numbs it.  

Asides from that, the oil didn’t stop his dick from getting soft quickly.

These oils only work for people who are able to keep their dick hard for a long time.


Then we tried herbal medicines

You know these medicines they sell everywhere along the road?

Those ones that promise heaven on earth? 

Yes, I know those medicines are unregulated but....

We were desperate and ready to try everything.


We got these medicines and after trying them,

My boyfriend Blood pressure shot up,

he also started having boils around his dick 

According to the doctors we saw, 

these herbal medicines are filled with chemical subsbtances that harm the organs in the body  


 I was just about giving up on my search for a solution when I found  CJ 


i DIDN't Fuck him 

CJ is an African Male Pornstar who fucks women for a living.

The nature of his job requires that he keeps an erection for at least 30 minutes...

or he will get SACKED 

I met CJ on a paid porn site and decided to send him a message. 

I always had the belief that porn stars used some sort of special thing to get long lasting erections, and I was determined to find out.

At first, he was reluctant to talk with me.

.....He didnt reply my messages, one point he blocked me


He later realized that I wasn't going to back down. So, he gave me a listening ear.


I had a conversation with CJ.

...I told him about my crappy sex life,

and how my relationship was going to end if I didnt find a solution

CJ laughed, but he decided to help me

 He told me the 3 Things Every Man must do to last for Hours without Cumming and Without using drugs

I am going to tell what he told me, 

That has been a major game changer for my guy and other guys. 


I am not going to write it here like that 

so all those greedy,  so-called sex therapist flooded on Instagram 

don't get a hold of it and start selling it for #100,000

...That is not my goal here


My goal is to get the solution that worked for my guy (that I got from this porn star ) to as many honest men as possible
Men who will use these solutions to improve their lives 

If this sounds like you, and you want to know these THREE Things, 

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